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I got the shits this morning because I could not find Maxis match retextures of some hair I wanted to have in my game. Because, being me, I run the game with two different sets of CC and I needed MOAR Maxis match.

So I put on the Petshop Boys and listened to Discography over and over and managed to retexture something like 6 or 7 hairs using Neena's textures. And now I'm doing Pooklet neons of all of them.

The Petshop Boys are my kind of heroin.

So this is just to let those of you who subscribe to Simified know that in the next few days you are going to be spammed with a bunch of Maxis match hair retextures. And some eyebrows. Binned. Because I could and it makes sense.

Should I neon the eyebrows?

Also, anyone want a DW code or two?
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There is a new hair download on Simified.

It's Agustin's new hair with Pooklet's textures and the 10 natural colours currently available. The gaps in the texture are also there in the high poly mesh so switching to that is not going to make the back look any better. Sorry guys... I tried but this is as good as it gets. At least from me and my zero meshing skills, anyway.

With LL30 Sims gone, I will be primarily uploading to Sims 2 Supernova and occasionally GOS with everything mirrored on Simified. It's a pity that the site went down a month and a half ahead of schedule because I didn't even get the opportunity to salvage the crap I had on there. I was going to do the backup during March since it was planned that the site would close in April, not halfway through February. I think I have most of it backed up. If not - oh, well, too bad, so sad, and all that.
When I get around to finally taking preview pics, I have Peggy's new hair done with Pooklet's textures and 10 natural colours. I also have a new Sims 2 sim. I've only finished one, but I'm working on a set of three alien defaults using Buffy's lizard Genensims edit skintones.


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