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Available for both males and females in both EA-style and adjust shine control.

Get it here.
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Petchy's Speckles facemask converted to TS3.

Grab it here. Teen to Elder, both genders.
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Retexture using Pooklet's texture with a minor alpha edit to reduced baldness on the side of the head.

You can find it here.

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2 more TS3 hair retextures using Pooklet's texture.

This one can be found here.

This one is alpha edited to remove the unsightly balding and can be found here.

I'm "de-balding" another recent Raon hair (F36) and should have that up soon.

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I was looking for some community lots on small sized lots so I could add a few of them to worlds that don't have entertainment venues and kept coming across bars and clubs that were built on ridiculous-sized lots (64x11 anyone?). I really like EA's Waylon's Haunt dive bar from Bridgeport but it comes on a 64x32 lot with an huge empty decorative building next to it. I decided to make the dive bar usable for everyone and easy to place in any world. So I took a LOT of pictures of the original bar and even wrote down the hex codes and materials used for the majority of objects and walls/floors. This lot is a rebuild and I did the best I could to match everything to what it was like in Bridgeport. It's reeeeeeally close but not a 100% match for the original. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

You can see more previews and download it at Simified.
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A couple of hair retextures have been uploaded on Simified. Now with more previews and more download links!

Grab this one here.

And this one here.

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Raon 95 with Ninika textures, alpha edited so the sim is no longer balding.

Come and grab it here.

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Set 2 can be found here.

Three more are just about ready to go. If I have the energy to keep going, this will consist of about 7 or 8 sets.
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The crazy weekend of multiple uploads continues. Pardon me for spamming but I bring you The Sims Medieval eyes for The Sims 3. Default only as I have not yet taught myself to make contacts.

You can find them here.
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Set #1 is here!

Another bajillion sets coming soon in every colour of the Pookbow, Aeliabow and CuriousBbow and every other bow I can think of!

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You can grab here on Simified

The hair on her plus 3 other Peggy retextures coming in the next 24 hours. I hope. I sometimes get distracted as you all know.
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You guys must be sick of me by now! Yes, I have another download to throw at you. This time it's for the folks who play TS3.

This is an eye default using part of the texture from Yumedust's super popular Eyelove eyes. The texture been edited and tweaked a lot by me so it's probably barely recognisable but that's what I used as base.

More preview pics, waffling and download links here.

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I decided to try my hand at rebuilding for some of the lots that came with Late Night. I started with a dive bar called Waylon's Haunt.

Check it out here!
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The cat sat on the mat. And burped out some hair retextures. I'm going to keep it coming though probably not at an astounding rate or anything crazy like that.

Raon F79 for your downloading and gaming pleasure.

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Rose 109 with Pooklet's v.2 texture and the new colours. Binned, familied and compressorised.

You can grab it here
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Since people seem to be searching for these and also because the original mixed method dependent defaults seemed to be acting funky for some people, I have made independent defaults of these. I have also made the originals available as well.

Find these and much much more at Simified


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