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I uploaded these for someone about a month ago. Since the official Sims 2 site seems to be down for good I figure I might as well make these available to everyone in a more organised spot than the bowels of a WCIF post. Which is why it's going up on both my LJ and DW.

Link to shared Mediafire folder

They're all in there, including the Celebrations Stuff patch. The base game patch is for the 4xCD original release version and not the DVD versiom. I THINK there was a separate patch for the DVD version. I have no idea if you even need patches for the combo packs. Don't ask me. I bought everything as it was released so I don't have those, nor have I ever seen any of them in action.

The patches are provided as-is. They were downloaded from the official site before it went down. I don't have patch descriptions, you need to find those yourself elsewhere. I do not provide support for these patches, they are not my creations to support. They are provided as a resource for the Sims 2 community.

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The ATI graphics fix has been tested and is compatible with all game versions as long as you are fully patched.

It will need to be updated when a new patch/EP/SP is released. Since I tend to get those on or really close to the release date the fix update process should be fairly quick.

In the meantime, enjoy your new smooth outdoor shadows :)
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OK dudes and dudettes! Seems we have a fix for the ATI square shadows issue. HUGE thanks to [profile] maplewich  and [profile] lillzy  for pointing me in the right direction.

Preview images and download under the cut )


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