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Reasons why it helps to read more than less of a thread that contains the rules for the challenge you are doing:

You might just find out that fishing on the home lot AND SELLING THE FRIGGING FISH is allowed.

Fishing on comm lots = no

Fishing on home lots = HELLZ TO THE YEAH!

Matilda is saved from imminent death by icicle!

Even if she does suck at catching fish.

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I decided to try to get back into playing TS2 rather than just retexturing hair, making defaults and recolouring stuff that lay within my limited Photoshop "expertise".

I got two cute sims from hellokomrade for my Sims 2 Supernova Secret Santa and decided to useone of them as my poverty challenge founder. I'm using the full rules, which are kind of scattered throughout the enormous thread linked.

Meet Matilda McKinley.

She is a Popularity sim, with the LTW to have 20 simultaneous best friends.
She is also a Gemini (3, 7, 7, 5, 3) as her personality description was that she is messy and a bit mean and also a pirate, so she's a bit messy, a bit mean and also fairly outgoing because she has to be able to SOMEHOW make those 20 best friends.
She likes blonds and redheads but dislikes it when someone slaps on too much cologne.
Matilda is thinking big and this is going to be one of those poverties where nobody gets to move in.
So she's in deep trouble right there because there will be no handy windfall from a spouse moving in.
And I have Seasons. So there will be winter soon.

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