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We have loved every moment of having this forum over the past 4 years, and so it's hard to announce the decision that we have come to.
On March 22, our hosting will expire and Sims 2 Supernova will officially close.
There's no ignoring the fact that the activity of the site in general has slowed quite a bit over the past year and not only that, but with many things currently happening in our real lives, Stormy and I feel we can no longer give the site the time and attention it deserves.

We sincerely appreciate and thank every one of you who have chosen to be an active member of this forum, past and present, and contributing to making S2S the friendly place that it is today!

It goes without saying but please take the remaining three weeks to retrieve any content from the site you may like, and you no longer need to be a registered member to download.
If you'd like to keep in touch with any of the staff members, you can find links to our Livejournals and Tumbrs in our signatures.

It's been a fun 4 years, thank you for being a part of it!

- Plumeria & Stormy
Jenny, Romyhorse, Engram and Cpowell
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Available for both males and females in both EA-style and adjust shine control.

Get it here.
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Petchy's Speckles facemask converted to TS3.

Grab it here. Teen to Elder, both genders.
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Constance Shelley is a beautiful sim who lives in Riverview. A would-be writer, she was saddled by EAxis with a horrible unsexy librarian look that I found to be quite at odds with her quirky personality.

Makeover pics under the cut )
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Retexture using Pooklet's texture with a minor alpha edit to reduced baldness on the side of the head.

You can find it here.

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I uploaded these for someone about a month ago. Since the official Sims 2 site seems to be down for good I figure I might as well make these available to everyone in a more organised spot than the bowels of a WCIF post. Which is why it's going up on both my LJ and DW.

Link to shared Mediafire folder

They're all in there, including the Celebrations Stuff patch. The base game patch is for the 4xCD original release version and not the DVD versiom. I THINK there was a separate patch for the DVD version. I have no idea if you even need patches for the combo packs. Don't ask me. I bought everything as it was released so I don't have those, nor have I ever seen any of them in action.

The patches are provided as-is. They were downloaded from the official site before it went down. I don't have patch descriptions, you need to find those yourself elsewhere. I do not provide support for these patches, they are not my creations to support. They are provided as a resource for the Sims 2 community.

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2 more TS3 hair retextures using Pooklet's texture.

This one can be found here.

This one is alpha edited to remove the unsightly balding and can be found here.

I'm "de-balding" another recent Raon hair (F36) and should have that up soon.

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I was looking for some community lots on small sized lots so I could add a few of them to worlds that don't have entertainment venues and kept coming across bars and clubs that were built on ridiculous-sized lots (64x11 anyone?). I really like EA's Waylon's Haunt dive bar from Bridgeport but it comes on a 64x32 lot with an huge empty decorative building next to it. I decided to make the dive bar usable for everyone and easy to place in any world. So I took a LOT of pictures of the original bar and even wrote down the hex codes and materials used for the majority of objects and walls/floors. This lot is a rebuild and I did the best I could to match everything to what it was like in Bridgeport. It's reeeeeeally close but not a 100% match for the original. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

You can see more previews and download it at Simified.
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A couple of hair retextures have been uploaded on Simified. Now with more previews and more download links!

Grab this one here.

And this one here.

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At a loose end as to what to do but don't want to start a full 10 generation legacy? Only ever get to generation 3 because you run out of steam/interest/ideas? Then we've got the challenge just for you!

Come and join NLC 4.5

This is a 3 - 5 generation challenge. It's up to you how many generations you want to attempt. If you only manage 3 - hey, you finished! Think you can make it all the way to 5? Or can you keep going all the way to the bitter end and produce 10 or even more generations?

Signs ups are open through to Sep 18th. At the moment the challenge is set to close on Nov 30th but if we have lots of participants still going on that date it may get extended. There are only 3 major rules (1) one of the places you post your challenge legacy must be the Sims2Supernova forum (2) you must update at least twice a month and (3) have fun.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out the detail and sign up now!

Open to both Sims 2 and Sims 3 players.
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Raon 95 with Ninika textures, alpha edited so the sim is no longer balding.

Come and grab it here.

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The ATI graphics fix has been tested and is compatible with all game versions as long as you are fully patched.

It will need to be updated when a new patch/EP/SP is released. Since I tend to get those on or really close to the release date the fix update process should be fairly quick.

In the meantime, enjoy your new smooth outdoor shadows :)
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OK dudes and dudettes! Seems we have a fix for the ATI square shadows issue. HUGE thanks to [profile] maplewich  and [profile] lillzy  for pointing me in the right direction.

Preview images and download under the cut )
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We've got 2 new moderators over at S2S, Engram (that's me!) and cpowell!

There's a new Sims Challenge posted:

Check it out

Want to take part in our Maxis Makeover Challenge?

Go and vote for your favourite

The forum is undergoing a bit of a revamp, with lots of new challenges and contests starting soon. I'll even be hosting some! And making prizes. So make sure you come and check out what else is going on, join in and maybe snag some exclusive content in the process.
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Set 2 can be found here.

Three more are just about ready to go. If I have the energy to keep going, this will consist of about 7 or 8 sets.
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The crazy weekend of multiple uploads continues. Pardon me for spamming but I bring you The Sims Medieval eyes for The Sims 3. Default only as I have not yet taught myself to make contacts.

You can find them here.
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Set #1 is here!

Another bajillion sets coming soon in every colour of the Pookbow, Aeliabow and CuriousBbow and every other bow I can think of!

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A default replacement for the unfinished wall, ie. the one you see in build mode before you slap some wallpaper on it.

You can find all 12 here.


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