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Picture is unedited except to sharpen a tiny bit, resize and add a border. I love catching moments like this.
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Soooo... I've been amusing myself with downloading small house plans and then building them in Sims 2. This is going to be just a picspam because my total lack of decorating and landscaping skill means that this house should never see the light of day other than inside my game. I felt so extremely embarrassed after uploading my TS2 version of Waylon's Haunt that I have decided that lot building and sharing is definitely something I should stay away from.

Anyway, I have started populating my hybrid Pleasantview + Strangetown that I made a couple of months back (download on Petchy's LJ) and I am planning on splitting up the Singles girls so the alien sisters live together and Erin and Kristen move out, possibly descending on Loki to plague him with their youthful silliness. This is the house I built for Chloe and Lola Curious-Smith. Totally out of my comfort zone of county-cottagey-type building.

Picspam of fail!house this way )
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Soooo... my TS2 game takes forever to start. I double-click to start either the game or Bodyshop and it just sits there loading forever, before it even gets to the stage where it shows the loading screen, at which time it loads and loads and loads. It used to start almost instantly, even if the loading screen used to take about 10 minutes. Just now, 10 minutes had passed and the loading screen had not appeared yet.

I have decided to take out all the CC and start all over again. I'm making a back-up first in case there is stuff that I absolutely feel I must have but cannot find again. The first thing to go is all the damn hair. I keep putting in new hair because I plan to retexture it and then I have these sims running around sporting ugly badly binned Peggy textures which I can't take out because then I would end up with a bunch of townies with missing hair.

Wish me luck guys! And restraint!
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I thought I'd post a link over here for those who are only on DW and not LJ these days.

I'm starting to get back into doing hair retextures again and am thinking of creating a second family for the hair retextured with Ninika's maxis match textures. I'm seeking opinions from EV|ERYONE, not just those who use the maxis match hairs, as to what colours would be the most aesthetically pleasing for the majority of people.


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Red asked me to upload some of the photos I took the other day at the Sydney Aquarium and at Wildlife World. And I went a bit nuts and uploaded a whole lot of photographs to my DA, which had been absolutely empty and stagnant until today.

If you would like to see photographs of the Mallee scrub, graffitied trains, amusing Chinatown restaurant signs, huge-ass crocodiles, a bunch of kangaroos, sharks, miscellaneous reptiles and more koalas than you can poke a stick at, go check out my DA Gallery.

The categorising and organising into albums is kicking my ass a bit because it all seems a bit transient and temporary as the settings don't seem to stick, but it should all be more or less organised into coherent albums.

There is one more album of 40 photographs from around The Rocks in Sydney coming in the next 24 hours. I'm just too tired to attempt to upload 40 images, one at a time, right now.

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Cross-posted to DW and LJ.

As some of you may have noticed in the main Sims 2 comm on LJ, I'm having what's turning out to be major problems with my TS2 game. There appears to be some corruption to core game files so I am going to have to uninstall and re-install. Because my motherboard is also throwing IRQ errors and occasionally giving me the BSOD, I don't know if I will be able to re-install once I uninstall.

I have played through about 3 or 4 days of the next week of the Hallows. Not enough for a full update but it's enough to post SOMETHING. It's been slow going due to the heat we've been experiencing so I haven't been able to play every day like I had been planning. What I will do today is grow up the Hallows kids using cheats. I already extracted all 4 of them before my game corrupted so there are no worries with that - I have the files necessary for them to be passed on and they are fine and unaffected by anything happening right now. This morning I made a backup of the Hallows hood so if I am able to re-install, I can keep playing and pretend like the forced growing up never happened. If I can't re-install, then at least we have some sort of conclusion to the generation.

This means that my status with regard to the Landon round robin and my joint legacy with Nadsy (on LJ) at the moment is "uncertain". I know I could have just uninstalled and tried to re-install and thrown my hands up in the air if unsuccessful and said "oopsies" without clogging up your friends and reading lists, but I thought I'd post about it since any disasters my PC is experiencing at the moment affect quite a few people due to me being in so many joint projects.
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Thanks to simgaroop on LJ I have been invited to join dreamwidth! Thanks!

I'm still not sure what I will use the account for but it will definitely be Sims-related.


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