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Welcome to the Ring legacy. This legacy is part of Nova's Legacy Challenge 3 on Sims 2 Supernova. The winning founder entry was made by Keely and his TS2 counterpart was made by [personal profile] garnet812.

Time to meet the founder!

* Sound of facepalming and head-desking around the world as people read the founder's name*

The TS2 traits for Pisces/Knowledge are nice, active, shy and serious with a knowledge or scientific bend.

The One is an enigma that is friendly and a loner at the same time. He makes friends easily. And hates every moment of it.

The One: Well, that's the Generation 1 task out of the way.

I built him a square little hovel all of his own and tried to disquise it's squareness with the clever use of different roof lines. Awww!

He lives at 365 Somethingorother Street.

For serious.

I don't remember the street name but it's number 365.

Those who are more eagle-eyed than the rest will notice that the house is not, in fact, square. It is 10x11. But it's square enough!

No expense was spared in kitting it out. The One got a mid-range cooker, fridge and bed because TS3 sims keep complaining about the food being unevenly cooked and tasting like fridge if appliances are too cheap. And they complain about having a bad night's sleep if the bed it cheap. I can live with The One just complaining about the cold showers that come with a cheap shower.

First order of business - buy some ingredients. I had a brain fart and forgot that The One could forage around and steal apples off of the trees in the park.

The custom townies come out to play.

Yeah, so I totally forgot to put in most of the custom hair I had downloaded for this so everyone is wearing whatever they came packaged with... I can't really remember who is who and by whom so you guys will just have to "Spot My Sim" without too many prompts.

This one is Buffy's. Her name is Juniper Bean.

MOAR other people's sims!

The One harvests the trees in the park. Hey, no-one else will!

This got annoying pretty quickly. He flexes and growls all the time, which is the idle action from the Athletic trait. And it is VERY ANNOYING!

I have no idea what's wrong with Loren. Been out in the sun too long or something. He seems to be channeling an Apartment Life witch. Wrong game, son!

The One chatted to a few of the folks hanging around the park. But we're not pouncing on the other residents yet. The One will have a few baby-and-spouse-free days before embarking on the legacy freight train.

This is Jemima Lang, by the way, by Buffy. Three days later she was Jemima Carter so I guess she got married. I will have to track down her household, see where she lives and with whom.

The growling The One takes on the rainbow farting Loren in a game of chess and tries to intimidate him with talk of the house that The One built. With his own hands and everything.

Apparently it worked because The One won the match. This was supposed to be a picture of Loren angrily swiping the white chess pieces off the board, but I kind of missed it by a second.

I sent The One to visit the Engram household, where sims made by me live. This is Julie Morgan, with Loren stalking in the background.

My self sim makes an appearance. She doesn't look too happy to be living here, in the lap of luxury.

Veronica Cooper.

Emma Painter.

The One: Why are you paying attention to those other sims? I'm supposed to be the focus here!

Right you are!

Is that better?

The One: Why are you feeding me jam sammiches? It should be lobster and caviar all the way. And pancakes. Lots and lots of pancakes!

Learn to cook and we'll see about your diet improving.

The One: See this seed? I will take this seed and make it grow into something special.

Just as soon as you learn to garden. That one is out of your ability range to grow.

The One: It WILL bloom!

The One: Grow, little plants! GROW!

What if they turn into Triffids os something?

The One: Not going to happen.

The One got himself a job in the Journalism career track, though I'm thinking of making him quit. Because he's a loner, he gets a negative moodlet from being at work where he is surrounded by people. Which means that his mood drops and slows down his performance gain, making it hard to get a promotion.

On Tuesday The One won the chess tournament 3:1. With zero logic points. Though he had 2 logic points by the time he had played the 4 matches.

Chaching! Money won with the sheer force of awesome.

I thought it would be nice to try and get The One together with Veronica. Turns out she's going out with Perry (of Isidora Charis fame, though this is a copy and not actually Isi's Perry). So The One said goodbye. And Veronica and Perry were engaged the next day.

I went flying through the hood in search of women for The One to chat up. Since I had put in the custom townies and the game seemed to be telling me that it will punish me if I decide to use one of my own sims for the spouse, I figured I might as well find someone else.

I had no idea that sims could change their clothing! Unless that's JC's work outfit. Because she was deifnitely wearing some sort of scene/emo ensemble before!

You can't actually see it there, but The One had a really startled expression on his face there, as if he was overwhelmed at being surrounded by so many women.

I absolutely love Cookie, sitting on the floor on the left. I can't remember who made her but she is totally made of win.

The One got along best with Buffy's Molly Sullivan, though.

Hmmm... Apparently Celeste is insane. I didn't do it! All of these sims have the traits given to them by their creators!

I actually burst out laughing at this. The One was telling Molly a dirty joke. About hot coffee.


She is absolutely lovely.

*falls in love before The One even gets to first base*


Here is a bunch of The One + Molly spam with occasional comments.

First kiss!

Going steady.




The One works fast.

And Molly moves into the Ring house, bringing just a few thousand simoleons into the household funds. They had just over 8K simoleons at this point.

Here are Molly's stats.

She loves being outdoors so she immediately takes over the gardening duties.

Molly autonomously flirts with The One. I consider this to be A Good Thing and A Sign.

Molly: So... How about it?

The One: Well, aren't you the romantinc one? <3

You know what this means...

And then the household returned back to normal, with The One starting to work on his first novel (titled "Rosie's Spark")

And Molly spending much of her time outside the house, schmoozing and making friends to further her career in Politics.

Mwa ha ha?

Cuteness <3 <3 <3 <3

See you next time!

All the kids will be named after various rings, so if anyone has any ideas, feel free to throw them my way. I have a list of the usual jewelry-type rings and a couple of Australian band names, but if anyone has any bright ideas involving tools, vehicle parts or other interesting things, I would appreciate them being thrown my way. Looking at my list, the generation 8 heir(ess) is going to be called Toe or Bellybutton, so anything that doesn't involve body parts would be much appreciated. Though possibly not as hilarious.
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