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These are still from last night's play session. I've been at work today and when I got home after being out of the house for 12 hours I was basically ready to collapse. So I edited some more pictures instead of playing because I honestly can't even think straight tonight.

My memory has gone all vague on me but I think this drink was called a Hemoglobin Shot. It's a Hemoglobin Something-Or-Other anyway.

Angela's thirst meter was full so I have no idea whether the hemoglobin drink has a positive effect on vampires or not.

Not happy that she messed up the shot.

Apparently the legendary vampiric grace, strength and speed doesn't apply to n00b-pyres.

This is why I have trouble taking her seriously as a vampire. To me, she's kind of a Max Spencer - tries hard to be scary but you just can't be seriously afraid of a n00b-pyre that falls over while opening a dresser and then sips on a juice box full of plasma.

This is... somebody. I can't remember his name right now but Angela works with him and met him through work. I wanted a vampire baby (you apparently need 2 vampires to achieve this though I might experiment at a later stage with a mixed pair) and since all the male vamps Angela knows are either married or have really scary eyebrows, this fine specimen of sim maleness was chosen volunteered for the task.

Poor guy looks like he's having second thoughts about letting his new girlfriend anywhere near his arm.

But at least she's looking a bit more scary.

This was the beginning of the "Read Mind" interaction. It's kind of freaky... But, again, at least she's being scary rather than a sort of vampiric cute little puppy. That occasionally gnaws on someone's arm.
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