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2011-11-26 06:16 pm
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Cazy RainY Drops Hair 11

Available for both males and females in both EA-style and adjust shine control.

Get it here.
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2011-10-16 11:43 am
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TS3 Raon F36 Pooklet txtr alpha edit

Retexture using Pooklet's texture with a minor alpha edit to reduced baldness on the side of the head.

You can find it here.

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2011-09-13 10:00 pm
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TS3 Hair retextures

2 more TS3 hair retextures using Pooklet's texture.

This one can be found here.

This one is alpha edited to remove the unsightly balding and can be found here.

I'm "de-balding" another recent Raon hair (F36) and should have that up soon.

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2011-09-06 04:03 pm
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TS3 Hair retextures

A couple of hair retextures have been uploaded on Simified. Now with more previews and more download links!

Grab this one here.

And this one here.

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2011-08-04 09:04 pm
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Raon 95 with Ninika textures

Raon 95 with Ninika textures, alpha edited so the sim is no longer balding.

Come and grab it here.

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2010-11-05 05:47 pm
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Raon F79 Pooklet txtr

The cat sat on the mat. And burped out some hair retextures. I'm going to keep it coming though probably not at an astounding rate or anything crazy like that.

Raon F79 for your downloading and gaming pleasure.

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2010-11-05 05:08 pm
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Raon F46 Pooklet txtr

The first of 2 hair retextures I did for Kelly.

More previews at Simified.

Get it here!
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2010-07-06 02:54 pm
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Rose 109 retextures with Pooklet naturals

Rose 109 with Pooklet's v.2 texture and the new colours. Binned, familied and compressorised.

You can grab it here
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2010-03-31 09:49 pm
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Coolsims 71 with Pooklet texture

You get what you see on the box.

Look at all the pretty pictures and grab it over here.
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2010-03-30 07:01 pm

S2S Birthday Gift 2009/2010 in three parts

A reposting of my gift for the 2nd birthday of Sims 2 Supernova.

20 recolours of Bella's 3 blanket meshes for a total of 60 blankets

Recolours of Peggy's Treasure Hunt 2009 Hair #1 and Hair #2 (shown above in reverse order because I wasn't thinking when I made the preview)

The blond sim is in the post for Hair #2

The redhead is Madelaine, who will be uploaded soon. She's one of the "lost" sims from LL30.

I am now done spamming you with my uploads. For today. I have a boat load of sims and clothes, and miscellaneous crap that I used to have uploaded at LL30. I have over 400 files uploaded on Mediafire. Plus more on Box. Not that I will be spamming you with ALL of it. But there will be a fair bit of uploading activity in the next few weeks as I take previews for my "LL30 Lost and Found".
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2010-03-21 10:35 pm
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Peggy 6275 with Pooklet texture

The other hair retexture is now up. This time it's Peggy 6275.

Grab it here
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2010-03-21 07:04 pm
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(no subject)

There is a new hair download on Simified.

It's Agustin's new hair with Pooklet's textures and the 10 natural colours currently available. The gaps in the texture are also there in the high poly mesh so switching to that is not going to make the back look any better. Sorry guys... I tried but this is as good as it gets. At least from me and my zero meshing skills, anyway.

With LL30 Sims gone, I will be primarily uploading to Sims 2 Supernova and occasionally GOS with everything mirrored on Simified. It's a pity that the site went down a month and a half ahead of schedule because I didn't even get the opportunity to salvage the crap I had on there. I was going to do the backup during March since it was planned that the site would close in April, not halfway through February. I think I have most of it backed up. If not - oh, well, too bad, so sad, and all that.
When I get around to finally taking preview pics, I have Peggy's new hair done with Pooklet's textures and 10 natural colours. I also have a new Sims 2 sim. I've only finished one, but I'm working on a set of three alien defaults using Buffy's lizard Genensims edit skintones.
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2010-02-11 09:13 pm
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Aaaaand another one!

Since I am still semi-delirious (paracetemol appears not to make a dent in my body temp and I have been consistently running at between 37.3 and 37.7 deg C, ie 99 F to 100 F, for 3 days straight) I am quite oblivious as to whether the previews for these look any good.

Hopefully they do not look like arse/ass.

Scarecrow's mesh #15, aka "Scarecrow 14" for some reason and according to various people.

You can get it here.
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2010-02-11 03:51 pm
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3 new hair retextures ahoy!

To save your friends lists I will put all pictures behind a cut.

What we have here are three retextures using Chokelate's textures. Namely, Newsea's Yuna hair, Peggy 5989 and an alpha edit of Peggy 5723.

Pictures and links right this way )
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2010-01-30 07:55 pm
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The Fragrant Garden - Newsea Aroma Hair with Pooklet textures

Newsea's Aroma hair with Pooklet's textures and colours.

10 naturals and 14 neons
Binned, familied, compressorized

Grab them here!
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2010-01-18 07:43 pm
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Peggy's Taobao Gift given the Pooklet treatment

Peggy's Taobao gift with Pooklet's textures.

Comes in all 10 natural colours and 14 neons.

Naturals are binned, familied and compressorized, grey in black.

Download it at Simified.
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2010-01-18 02:44 pm
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Newsea Shangri-La hair with Pooklet's textures

Newsea's Shangri-La hair with Pooklet's textures.

Comes in all 10 natural colours.

Binned, familied and compressorized, grey in black.

Download it here