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You get what you see on the box.

Look at all the pretty pictures and grab it over here.
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A reposting of my gift for the 2nd birthday of Sims 2 Supernova.

20 recolours of Bella's 3 blanket meshes for a total of 60 blankets

Recolours of Peggy's Treasure Hunt 2009 Hair #1 and Hair #2 (shown above in reverse order because I wasn't thinking when I made the preview)

The blond sim is in the post for Hair #2

The redhead is Madelaine, who will be uploaded soon. She's one of the "lost" sims from LL30.

I am now done spamming you with my uploads. For today. I have a boat load of sims and clothes, and miscellaneous crap that I used to have uploaded at LL30. I have over 400 files uploaded on Mediafire. Plus more on Box. Not that I will be spamming you with ALL of it. But there will be a fair bit of uploading activity in the next few weeks as I take previews for my "LL30 Lost and Found".
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I have uploaded my S2S Secret Santa 2009 gift to Jenny on Simified.

You get everything you see in the image.

The bed blanket

The curtain and chair

The hair

And the sim
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This is the TS3 entry I submitted to NLC3.

Grab him here.
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Super Nova is now available for download. Grab her here.
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Since I am still semi-delirious (paracetemol appears not to make a dent in my body temp and I have been consistently running at between 37.3 and 37.7 deg C, ie 99 F to 100 F, for 3 days straight) I am quite oblivious as to whether the previews for these look any good.

Hopefully they do not look like arse/ass.

Scarecrow's mesh #15, aka "Scarecrow 14" for some reason and according to various people.

You can get it here.
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To save your friends lists I will put all pictures behind a cut.

What we have here are three retextures using Chokelate's textures. Namely, Newsea's Yuna hair, Peggy 5989 and an alpha edit of Peggy 5723.

Pictures and links right this way )
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Newsea's Aroma hair with Pooklet's textures and colours.

10 naturals and 14 neons
Binned, familied, compressorized

Grab them here!
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Peggy's Taobao gift with Pooklet's textures.

Comes in all 10 natural colours and 14 neons.

Naturals are binned, familied and compressorized, grey in black.

Download it at Simified.
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Newsea's Shangri-La hair with Pooklet's textures.

Comes in all 10 natural colours.

Binned, familied and compressorized, grey in black.

Download it here
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Defaults of Buffy's edits of Leh's Maxis match skintone are now up at [community profile] simified.

Find them here.

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