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I built something...

Soooo... I've been amusing myself with downloading small house plans and then building them in Sims 2. This is going to be just a picspam because my total lack of decorating and landscaping skill means that this house should never see the light of day other than inside my game. I felt so extremely embarrassed after uploading my TS2 version of Waylon's Haunt that I have decided that lot building and sharing is definitely something I should stay away from.

Anyway, I have started populating my hybrid Pleasantview + Strangetown that I made a couple of months back (download on Petchy's LJ) and I am planning on splitting up the Singles girls so the alien sisters live together and Erin and Kristen move out, possibly descending on Loki to plague him with their youthful silliness. This is the house I built for Chloe and Lola Curious-Smith. Totally out of my comfort zone of county-cottagey-type building.

You can't actually see it in that picture, but in the left-most pillar there is a void with a double staircase, which you will see in the overhead shot.

A kind of overview of sorts. I still need to put in a door out to the deck (oops! forgot!). You enter the living space on the left, up the staircase in the void that you can just spot in the bottom left and that comes out behind the half-wall.

Kitchen/dining area.

Looking towards the living area.

I didn't do close-ups of the bedrooms as they are a tiny 4x5 so the shots either looked like O_O extreme close-up or O____O fishbowl effect.

The bathroom. I know - fascinating.

Layout of the top storey. The ground floor is basically a void with a driveway, though I suppose the driveway piece can be taken out to make a more usable space than just a carport. The house and grounds are totally lacking in deco items because it's meant to be a starter for the girls, which they can decorate as they go. It comes in at precisely 29,980 simoleons, leaving them with just 20 bucks to their name. And I cheated them an extra 10K to bring them in line with what they would have received had they come out straight out of CAS with AL installed.

After suggestions from a couple of friends I will now switch my attention to Belladonna Cove. I have never actually played that hood so it will be interesting to play it. I stole the Newson kids from a quick and dirty install on my husband's computer (I have mostly clean/empty templates and the AL bin sims don't generate in my game so I needed a full "dirty" install to grab the Newsons) so I'll be moving them into Belladonna Cove as well. I actually really like that household. I've also built a small 3 bedroom house for the Gavigans (another AL bin family I stole from my husband's PC) but I haven't taken any pictures of it yet.

Hope everyone had a good NYE or is going to have a good one for those still living in 2010. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!

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